A springboard for your next leap forward

The IMCC works with ambitious businesses that are looking to accelerate to the next level. We help create intelligent and integrated marketing communications strategies that align with business plans and support long-term goals.

We question everything.

We take a no-nonsense approach, cutting through the bull and leaving no answers unquestioned. Analysing the needs of each business, we clarify ambitions and design the evolutionary process – the starting point for any strategy and business brand narrative.

We make the complex simple

Distilling your key messages into their simplest forms for your audiences is a crucial goal, no matter how complex you believe your business to be. We will work with you to shape clear and influential messaging that engages and inspires your audience. It all starts with us helping you to identify your core business needs, and we can do that, no matter how turbulent or complex the environment may be.

Intelligent marketing communications.

There is marketing communications and then there is intelligent marketing communications. The difference will determine the speed and cost of achieving your ambitions. We’re here to share our skills and experience of how to implement the structure needed to maximise the value of your budget by knowing how to apply it and when to activate each element of your strategy. We want to teach you how to be smart with the team and budget you have, so you can achieve maximum impact and the desired outcome.

Ideas that provoke action.

Once the right foundations have been formed – the right people and thinking are in place – and the narrative outlined, the business is set up to meet its ambitions. It’s time to introduce ideas that provoke action and not just in the short term either. The work we do is intended to support and even accelerate your business journey over the long term.

Action that builds trust.

The IMCC will help you to tell relevant and credible stories – without all the bull – so that your business can build trust with its audiences. After all, trusted brands are infinitely more successful.

Achieving your business objectives.

Our team offers a breadth of experience, which means we have the tools to get under the skin of the business to really understand what it needs. We haven’t just worked in agencies, we have even more extensive in-house experience. We understand your challenges and the complexities of decision-making, yet we can also help you get the very best out of your agencies. This perspective and insight enables us to develop a well-defined plan to navigate the business to where it wants to go, with clear, honest and tangible solutions.

Making your business fly.

Your ambitions are our ambitions. Our intention is to get your business to achieve those ambitions as quickly as possible. We want to see your business fly and leave it with competent pilots.